Spring 2022 Updates

It’s March in the BRANE lab and the semester is in full swing! We are happy to be back in person as a lab and to provide some exciting updates …

We are thrilled to announce that Catherine successfully matched at a phenomenal internship placement – the Durham VA Medical Center! We will be sad to see Catherine go, but are looking forward to seeing the incredible impact she has on the field.

Louisa has been preparing to present work on recovery capital and SUD treatment outcomes at the 2022 Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Conference in Portland, OR. She looks forward to researching and writing on substance use in romantic relationships and couple-based SUD interventions for her upcoming comprehensive exams.

Flavio’s Ultra Brief Behavioral Activation study has just  kicked off after months of hard work and preparation with help from Stacey, Zach, Liz, Catherine, and Louisa. We are looking forward to seeing Flavio apply his fresh, innovative perspective to SUD treatment research.

Kat and Paulina are almost done with their first year of graduate school! They are both receiving training in EEG and transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) in collaboration with Flavio and Justin Riddle to apply these techniques in future research.

We have some fantastic undergraduate research assistants in the lab. Zander has been busy conducting assessments and leading assessment training for the other RAs for Catherine’s Harm Reduction Study. Maya has been managing weekly questionnaires, doing data entry, and working on interview transcriptions for the study. Hannah is crushing the graduate school application process and will decide soon where she will head for a master’s in psychology counseling. Good luck Hannah!