BRANE Lab Holiday Party

December 14, 2017

The Annual BRANE Lab Holiday Party was a success! Dr. Daughters hosted the party at her home where we all contributed to a delicious potluck dinner, followed by a white elephant gift exchange, followed by handing out Lab Awards. It’s our favorite lab event of the year! We wish all of our members could have been there!

Brane Lab Award Winners:

Most likely to…

  1. Have a dead body in the trunk of their car. Sydney
  2. Win a rap battle. Alexis
  3. Run for President. Stacey
  4. Die in a Zombie Apocalypse. Deepika
  5. Star on a reality TV show. Ethan
  6. Be a government spy. Catherine
  7. Have a secret family. Mike
  8. Win a hotdog eating contest. Julie
  9. Give up their career to travel the world. Savita
  10. Bake 10 dozen cookies for the lab (3-way tie). Yun, Liz, & Rachel

Additional awards…

  1. Most in need of brain stimulation. Mike
  2. Lab Mr/Miss Congeniality. Margo
  3. Road Warrior (most persistent tracker). Sydney
  4. BRANE Lab Bloodhound (most persistent recruiter). Mike
  5. Best Scan Time Team (with a time of 1 hr and 21 mins). Katie, Anna, & Savita
  6. Teamwork “Got yo back” Award (Undergrad/Post Bacc). Margo
  7. Teamwork “Got yo back” Award (Lab Staff). Anna
  8. Teamwork “Got yo back” Award (Grad Student). Jennifer
  9. Little Miss Sunshine (most positive lab member). (2-way tie). Margo & Savita
  10. Baby’s bottom award (smoothest in times of crisis). Deepika
  11. Drinking the water in Mexico Award. Jennifer
  12. Duct Tape award (can fix anything). Julie
  13. Xiaopeng’s favorite BRANE Lab Member. Anna