BRANE Lab 2018-2019 Publications and Presentations!


Yi, J.Y., Dichter, G.S., Reese, E.D., Bell, R.P., Bartuska, A.D., Stein, J.R., & Daughters, S.B. (2019). Neural reward response to substance-free activity images in opiate use disorder patients with depressive symptoms. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 198, 180-189.

Chen, Y., Daughters S.B., Thissen, D., Salcedo, S., Anand, D., Chen, L.H., Liang, H., Niu, X.Q., & Su, L., (In press). Differences in structural and item functioning of the reward probability index among Individuals from China, Taiwan, and the United States. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.

Reese, E. D., Conway, C. C., Anand, D., Bauer, D. J., & Daughters, S. B. (in press). Distress tolerance trajectories following substance use treatment. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Anand, D., Paquette, C., Bartuska, A., Daughters, SB. (in press). Substance type moderates the longitudinal association between depression and substance use from pre-treatment through a 1-year follow-up. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Chen, Y., Anand, D., Thissen, D., Chen, L.H., Liang, H., & Daughters, S.B. (in press). Cultural differences in behavioral activation across samples from China, Taiwan, and the United States. European Journal of Psychological Assessment.

Addicott, M.A., Daughters, S.B., Strauman, T.J., Appelbaum, L.G. (in press). Distress tolerance to auditory feedback and functional connectivity with the auditory cortex. Psychiatric Research: Neuroimaging.

Paquette, C., Magidson, J.F., Swaminath, S., & Daughters, S.B. (2019). Substance Use Disorders. In D.L. Segal (Ed.), Diagnostic Interviewing: Fifth Edition (pp.325-347). New York, NY, US: Springer.

Poster/Paper Conference Presentations

Chen, Y., Daughters S.B., Ma, H.F., Yan, H., Huang, Y,Z., Li, H.L., & Zhou, W. Feasibility and Efficacy of Behavioral Activation for Substance Use among Chinese Heroin Users. Poster accepted at the American Psychological Association (APA) Convention 2019. Chicago.

Martin, S., Scherer, E., Rosenthal, N., Mahn, L., Scherer, E., Reese, E., Yi, J., & Daughters, S. B. (2019, April). Pre-Treatment Cocaine Use and Distress Tolerance. Poster presented at the UNC Undergraduate Research Symposium, Chapel Hill, NC.

Scherer, E., Martin, S., Wilson, E., Pippin, E., Zhong, J., Reese, E., Yi, J., Daughters, S. (2019, April). Discrepancy between Behavioral and Self-Report Distress Tolerance Associated with Anxiety Sensitivity, Depressive Symptoms, and Substance Use Problems. Poster presented at the UNC Undergraduate Research Symposium, Chapel Hill, NC.

Foray K, Daughters S. (2019, April). A secondary analysis of emotional trauma, emotion regulation, and demographic variables in individuals with substance use disorder.Poster presented at the UNC Undergraduate Research Symposium, Chapel Hill, NC